Woodsmith Shop Primera Temporada -2007- AVI

06 Jun

Este programa de televisión esta diseñado para ayudarte a sacar lo mejor de tu propio taller de carpintería. Las Páginas de la revista Woodsmith toman vida con este show, y en cada episodio se muestran técnicas y consejos de carpintería, durante el proceso de fabricación de los proyectos presentados. No importa si los espectadores son recién iniciados o bien carpinteros expertos, cada uno encontrara algo nuevo en cada episodio que podrá ser utilizado en su próximo proyecto.

*PDF’s con planos de los proyectos realizados en cada episodio incluidos en la sección de descargas.


Woodsmith Shop Complete Season 1

PBS | 2007 | English | AVI | 512×288 | 29.97 fps | XviD 600 kbps | MP3 128 kbps | 24min/Eps X 13 Eps | 1.99 GB
Genre: Woodworking

The Woodsmith Shop television show is designed to help you get the most out of your woodworking shop. Each episode is a fast-paced, lively presentation of the tips and techniques of woodworking. Whether viewers are just starting out or have been woodworking for years, they’ll find something new in every episode to get them interested in woodworking, or to apply to their next project.

In every episode, host Don Peschke, founding editor of Woodsmith magazine, leads a cast of editors as they explore a wide range of tips, tools, jigs and fixtures, techniques, and projects. The cast members are both experienced woodworkers and editors of Woodsmith magazine, and eagerly share their expertise in the techniques segments, along with helpful opinions in the roundtable discussions throughout each episode.

Season 1

* Episode 101: Frames and Panels the Easy Way
o Stub Tenon and Groove Joinery

* Episode 102: Getting the Most Out of Your Router
o Coffee Table Plan
o Roll Top Desk Plan

* Episode 103: Perfect Crosscuts
o Table Saw Panel Sled Plan

* Episode 104: Lumberyard to Table Top
o A Guide to Buying and Selecting Lumber
o Adjustable Taper/Ripping Jig Plan
o Shaker Hall Table Plan
o Straight, Flat, and Square

* Episode 105: Band Saw Tips & Tricks
o Band Saw Circle Jig Plan
o Band Saw Tune-Up
o Candle Holder Plan
o Curved Leg End Table Plan

* Episode 106: Mitered Frames
o Miter Jig Plan
o Mounting and Hanging a Picture Frame
o Picture-Perfect Miters

* Episode 107: Top 5 Table Saw Accessories
o Dado Blades: What You Need to Know
o Push Block and Push Stick Plans
o Zero Clearance Insert with Splitter Plan

* Episode 108: Ins and Outs of Drawers
o Choosing Metal Drawer Slides
o DVD Storage Case Plan
o Slant-Front Tool Cabinet Plan
o Wood Drawer Guides

* Episode 109: Hand Planes, Scrapers & Chisels
o Fast & Easy Sandpaper Sharpening
o Hand Scrapers & Sharpening Jig
o Tool Tune-Up: Bench Planes

* Episode 110: Mortise and Tenon: A Strong and Silent Joint
o Drill Press Table Plan
o Mortise & Tenon
o Tile-Top Craftsman Table Plan
o Episode Preview

* Episode 111: Router Table Tips
o 5 Easy Upgrades for Your Router Table
o Cottage Dresser and Shop-Made Moldings Plan

* Episode 112: Setting Up Shop
o Dust Collection Round-up
o Interactive Shop Planner
o Mobile Planer Stand Plan
o Roll-Around Shop Cart Plan
o Roll-Around Tool Base Plan

* Episode 113: Quick & Easy Joinery
o 3 Bookcases Plan and Biscuit (Plate) Joinery
o Sectional Entertainment Center and Pocket Hole
o Sofa Table Bookcase Plan and Half Laps

*** All PDFs guide are included



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