El Libro Del Carpintero Por Roger Horwood -2003- PDF

27 May

Carpintería como hobby siempre ha dado un gran número de seguidores. En los últimos años, el número de aficionados ha crecido, lo que demuestra que, independientemente de la edad, el género, o el presupuesto, cualquier persona puede desarrollar habilidades para trabajar la madera y convertirse en expertos en la fabricación de sus propios muebles, adornos o utensilios domésticos.


The Woodworker’s Handbook By Roger Horwood 

2003 | ISBN: 1585748390 | English | PDF | 162 Pages | 11 MB

Woodworking as a hobby has always commanded a large and eager following. In recent years, the number of enthusiasts has grown, proving that regardless of age, gender, or budget, anyone can develop woodworking skills and become proficient at making their own furniture, ornaments, or household wares.

THE WOODWORKER’S HANDBOOK is the only concise reference for both novice and expert alike. It features:

  -Woods for the woodworker–the most popular natural and man-made woods used in furniture making and woodworking
-Tools for the job–expert advice on the purchase and use of tools and equipment, plus advice on care, maintenance, and safety
-Techniques and methods–clear and informative information about all the basic skills, including constructing joints, turning, and finishing
-Step-by-step project instructions–the opportunity to put your newly acquired skills to the test
-Repairs and proven methods for restoring wooden objects
Along with providing all the basic information, experienced woodworker Roger Horwood shares his affinity with wood, explains the joy of working with this natural material, and shows you how to use the various techniques to create practical, beautiful, and useful items for everyday use.
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