Carpintería Para Patios Traseros -2007- PDF

27 May

Nada incrementa el confort y buen aspecto de un patio trasero, como lo hacen unos muebles de exterior bien hechos. Carpinteros hogareños de cualquier nivel de pericia, encontrarán proyectos que darán satisfacción a todas las necesidades de la familia.


Woodworking for the Backyard: Projects for Relaxing, Cooking, Entertaining Gardening

Shady Oak Press | 2007 | ISBN: 1581593457 | 160 Pages | English | PDF | 92.9 Mb

Nothing enhances the comfort and good looks of a backyard or deck more than well-made outdoor furniture. Home carpenters of every skill level will find projects here to fill every family need, from the Frame-style Sandbox, made entirely of 2 x 4s in a single day, to the Potting Bench, complete with rolling cart, water supply, and sink. The beginner will appreciate the simplicity of the Basic Adirondack Chair, with its squared-off forms, while the more experienced woodworker will go for the Advanced model, with its elegantly curved contours. There is complete information on such important subjects as counterboring and plugging to conceal screw heads, the best woods for outdoor use, and the proper finishes to preserve the completed projects.


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