Scroll Saw for the First Time by Dirk Boelman -2007- PDF

19 Mar

En este completamente ilustrado manual para la sierra caladora, los novicios pueden dar el salto y crear grandes y decorativos artículos.


Scroll Saw for the first time by Dirk Boelman
2007 | Inglés | PDF | 98 Páginas | 24.3 Mb

The hugely successful For the First Time® series of beginners’ guides ventures into woodworking, and that’s good news for those who want to try one of today’s hottest crafts. With this fully illustrated, question-and-answer manual to the scroll saw, novices can jump in and create great decorative items right away. From the most fundamental query—How do I get started?—it moves on to questions such as How do I attach a pattern onto the wood and then cut a basic shape? and How do I make a simple jigsaw puzzle? Go beyond the basics and expand your skills, with instructions for fashioning a Fleur-de-lis Wall Shelf with an attractive support bracket, making a Mighty Moose clock, and crafting 3-D bunnies, baskets, and tulips.

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