Big Book Of Scroll Saw Projects & Techniques -2009- PDF

08 Mar

Recolectando los proyectos mas populares y técnicas de calado utilísimas este compendio es esencial para cualquier biblioteca personal. mientras que es apropiado para todos los niveles de pericia, los nuevos entusiastas se verán beneficiados con una extensiva sección de habilidades básicas.

Espero que sea de su total agrado.



Big Book Of Scroll Saw Projects and Techniques

Fox Chapel Publishing | 2009 | Inglés | PDF | ISBN: 156523426X | 193 Páginas | 32 Mb

Collecting the most popular projects and useful scrolling techniques, this all-in-one reference is an essential bookend for all scroll saw libraries. While appropriate for all skill levels, new scrollers will benefit from a comprehensive section devoted to basic skills. This section includes articles pulled directly from the pages of Scroll Saw Woodworking & Crafts on such essential subjects as choosing blades and wood, cutting, pattern placement, sanding, and safety. Beginners get plenty of advice on these basics before moving forward with novice projects, including simple Christmas motifs, a maple-leaf pattern, and a curious cat. Not to be overlooked, a variety of intermediate and advanced patterns and projects are also included, along with the techniques needed to create them—such as compound cutting for a chess set, fretworking for an intricate Victorian doll bed, intarsia for holiday ornaments, and stack cutting for a classic corner shelf. Seasoned woodworkers will enjoy the chapter committed to using unusual materials such as corian, coins, stained glass, and vellum. Each pattern design is taken from the workshops of today’s top designers, including Rick Hutcheson, John Nelson, Gary MacKay, Karen Longabaugh, Sue Mey, Kathy Wise, and Gary Browning.


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2 Respuestas a “Big Book Of Scroll Saw Projects & Techniques -2009- PDF

  1. Javier

    2 agosto, 2013 at 18:58

    Hola! Dice que este archivo no existe. Podrías resurbirlo? Gracias!

    • loopstock

      6 agosto, 2013 at 4:21

      Enlace actualizado.

      Gracias por notificarlo.




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